DALLAS, August 20th, 2013 – In a series of interviews published by the Daily Caller, J. Christian Adams, a former lawyer turned whistle-blower paints an alarming picture of racism and selective justice within the culture of Eric Holder’s Department of Justice.

Adams worked in the Civil Rights Division from 2005 to 2010, and his testimony was key during the Commission on Civil Rights’ investigation of 2008’s New Black Party voter intimidation scandal. Since resigning, he has relentlessly criticized the Department of Justice for institutionalizing racism through selective implementation of laws to favor minority groups.

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His book, “Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department ”, and subsequent columns for PJ Media address the endemic corruption within the Department while painstakingly articulating the anatomy of its discriminatory practices. The intimate knowledge Adams gained during his tenure paint a damning picture of political favoritism and selective prosecutions based on race.

Adams explains that the unique American experiment is under threat like never before. “What’s unique about our country, about America, is we’re the first country ever founded for the principle that every individual has individual dignity, divine inspired individual dignity, to be treated by their government as an individual, not differently than somebody whose brother is an earl,” he said.

“These people in power reject at its core that principle. They believe that power is given out based on political donations, ideology, opposition to coal — name it. It’s something that you gain favor and are treated differently by your government based on who you are, and that’s so anti-American.”

According to Adams, government institutions that blatantly twist the law for political advantage are no longer the marks of despotic regimes, but the standard for the United States.

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“We’re in a different kind of world now where the left is on the march through the institutions, through the government, through the academy, and they have brass knuckles,” he said. “And they have their media outlets, and they have Media Matters, and MSNBC, and ThinkProgress and George Soros, and I can go down the list. And the right is just getting started. And they don’t have the same sorts of institutional weaponry that the left does. So it becomes very easy to deceive when your arsenal is bigger. And I think that was the problem in the last election.”

It is obvious Adams feels passionately that collectivism and thuggish tactics have perverted America’s institutions, but equally disturbing are his remarks regarding the 2008 New Black Panther Party case. Adams claims that not only were the voter intimidation charges against the Party dropped due to racial favoritism, but he was personally ordered to ignore a subpoena from the Civil Rights Commission regarding their investigation. In blatant violation of federal statutes, the subpoena was blocked by the Department of Justice.

“They said that if you comply with the subpoena, you’re violating our directives. The problem was that there’s a federal statute that says that you have to comply with the subpoenas and if you don’t it’s a crime. It’s a criminal offense to interfere, so I just resigned my job and testified about what’s going on.”

Adams’ testimony clarifies that the Department is less concerned with legal equality and more interested in implementing its own agenda with separate codes and rules that either skirt or violate existing federal laws. Objectivism and equality are blasphemous also.

“One of the things I was brought in there to do was to simply be objective and neutral, but see, that’s high heresy. They don’t want people who are objective and neutral. They want people who are part of the orthodoxy, so during the Bush administration, a very small number of people were brought in and it was like an anti-body in the system. The left went absolutely wild. They had congressional hearings. They could not abide by people who were willing to enforce the law to protect everybody,” Adams told the Daily Caller.

“I saw it on the inside of justice, at the Justice Department. I saw the structures, the attitude, the philosophies, the conference room meetings and you begin to get an appreciation for how this whole left-wing apparatus works when you are actually a part of it. … When you’re on the inside, you learn the architecture.”

Adams’ interview comes at a time when mainstream Americans are becoming more aware of the Department’s bizarre involvement in racially-charged matters. When the now-infamous George Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin, many were angry and others felt justice was served. But the NAACP was unhappy with the verdict and voiced outrage, leading the Department of Justice to declare it would investigate whether Martin’s civil rights were violated.

Most that followed the case were baffled as to why the Department felt such actions were remotely appropriate. According to Adams, Holder’s arrogant belief that he is the arbiter of racial justice is all-consuming ideology that determines the actions of the Department. He warned Fox News that Holder has implemented a “radical racial agenda” where the rule of law is subject to manipulation based on racial grievances, and that the modern civil rights industry is complicit.

The alleged connection between the agenda of the NAACP and the Justice Department is disappointing. Civil Rights were hard-won in this nation thanks to the efforts of organizations like the NAACP. Their collusion with Holder’s radicalism is a dishonor to the hardwork of millions of Americans and their march toward political equality.

Adams’ insider-view regarding institutionalized prejudices portrays a Department operated by those without respect for the law in all matters, not just racial. Perhaps this explains why Holder wielded the power of the DOJ to bully states nullifying unconstitutional federal laws he politically disliked, such as gun control attempts or decriminalization of marijuana, while states nullifying equally illegal federal laws he does not support, such as the Defense of Marriage Act, were allowed to continue their efforts.

The Department of Justice is, essentially, lawless. Holder has lied under oath, abused his powers to prosecute Americans unfairly, asserted the right of the President to assassinate American citizens, and spied on journalists to prosecute whistle-blowers and leakers without remorse. He has used his powerful department to prosecute political opponents, as if the law is a weapon. Holder has repeatedly violated his oath of service and disregarded fundamental ethical standards. One must wonder, why has he not been removed from office?

Originally published at the Washington Times.