My latest interview with Voluntary Virtues Network is live. Cathy Reisenwitz invited me on to discuss the recent court ruling regarding law enforcement needing warrants to browse your cell phone, Rand Paul’s foolish stance on “air strikes” in Iraq, and the disastrous events taking place in Mesopotamia as ISIS seizes cities our veterans and soldiers fought to defend and head to Baghdad.

On Iraq, I advocate non-intervention, a resistance to cowardly neoconservative calls for war and the three state solution that should’ve been pursued in 2003. Why? What we’ve tried has not worked. Pretending we can continue expending our blood and treasure enforcing imaginary borders imposed by western governments in the post WWI era doesn’t get around the other prickly problems plaguing the region, namely that Iraqis don’t want one government, one rule.

A reset button is needed, unfortunately, and Iraqis are going to have to determine their future. The Kurds have already taken Kirkuk and her oil resources and will fight to defend them. They didn’t ask for anyone’s permission. They acted. If ISIS is turned back outside of Baghdad, and the borders drawn there, then we already have a three state by proxy. 

I don’t know what the region will look like in the future, but I do know that what we’ve tried in the past has ushered in this era of instability. Continuing to repeat the same actions and expecting different results is foolish. If the progress made after The Awakening is any example: once Iraqis are forced for any period of time to live under the tyranny of zealots, they will likely revolt. The region is so volatile and complicated, the last thing needed are more of our inept, arrogant and wholly ignorant Washingtonians imposing their view of how the conflict should be resolved.

EDIT: Senator Rand Paul issued an Op-Ed clarifying his position that there is no case for U.S. military intervention. For more analysis, see here

Thanks to Dan Carlin for producing such wonderful content, which helped compliment so much of my talking points and Cathy Reisenwitz for inviting me on to her show. To subscribe to either of their work, click their hyperlinked names above.