NASHVILLE, TN, September 24th, 2014 – Corrupt, racist crony Eric Holder is resigning. Though I’ve no doubt the next “Attorney General” will be an equally vile creature, justice has not been served. This criminal should’ve been impeached and imprisoned years ago. 


Holder has lied under oath, abused his powers to prosecute Americans unfairly, but perhaps even worse: he asserted the right of the President to assassinate American citizens.

Holder argued that “due process” does not mean what centuries of legal tradition have defined it to mean, but that 2001’s Authorization for Use of Military Force granted the president execution powers for anyone deemed a terrorist. “Terrorist” status, which according to Biden includes the Tea Party, can be exclusively decided by the president and his elite group of counselors just like the kings of Europe.

Holder later informed Congress that the president can authorize lethal force against Americans that are “imminent threats” without charges or evidence, and that Congress is powerless to limit this presidential right. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) later extracted from Holder that the executive interpretation of “imminent” does not always mean “immediate”. A 13-hour filibuster by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was required for Holder to clarify that President Obama could not murder Americans with drones. God Bless America! 


This criminal spied on journalists to prosecute whistle-blowers and leakers without remorse. As if his unrepentant malfeasance (once confronted) wasn’t enough, Holder later told NPR that he “wasn’t sure” how many similar seizures he’s authorized.

Though Holder exerted his expectation of privacy for the powerful, his bureaucracy asserted average Americans have no privilege of privacy from the prying eyes of professional liars and criminals above the law. Under Holder, the Department of Justice refused to comply with court rulings asserting they needed search warrants to review any Americans’ e-mails, Facebook chats, Twitter direct messages, and other private files any time they desire.

The American people do not know how this information was used or abused and why the DOJ felt entitled to the private lives of anyone and everyone, because under Holder’s leadership, a culture of elitism and power-privilege infected the DOJ arguably at unprecedented levels. Blatantly establishing and perpetuating separate rules for the powerful and the powerless is the opposite of justice. 


He also used his powerful department to prosecute political opponents, as if the law was a weapon. Holder arbitrarily invoked the Supremacy Clause allowing states to nullify the unconstitutional Defense of Marriage Act and legislate the will of their people without prosecution, but warned states nullifying Washington’s failed gun-grabbing efforts and states decriminalizing marijuana that “federal law reigns supreme”. After several states nullified unconstitutional federal marijuana prohibition and acted to nullify gun control attempts, the DOJ threatened them with prosecution, attacked pot businesses and property and continued to incarcerate private citizens that disobeyed federal authority.

Don’t forget about Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandals, his protection of hate groups and the other long list of his power abuses.

At nearly every turn, Holder repeatedly violated his oath of service and disregarded fundamental ethical standards. We can celebrate his resignation, but the fact that such a soulless animal stayed in a position of power reaches beyond the pale of civility, and has chilled the concept of political freedom while paving the way for rising tyranny. 

The American system was allegedly designed to restrain power-hungry bureaucrats, and if that was ever the goal, it has failed. Though I wish this crony nothing but the worst for his future endeavors, the fact that Holder isn’t impeached and imprisoned shows that liberty and justice for “all” is just for “some”, i.e. the politically powerless, or you and me.

The sooner the American people realize this, the better. In the meantime, good riddance, little tyrant. Your legacy could not suffer more disgrace.